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Has anyone had weight loss pills prescribed by their doctor?

At 15stone I am obese. I have lost 6 pounds in four weeks but feel I need some help. I have an appointment next week to see my doctor in the hope that he will prescribe something to help me and to supervise my weight loss ( I don’t have the funds for slimming clubs).

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3 Responses to “Has anyone had weight loss pills prescribed by their doctor?”

  1. Lorna T said :

    well done on losing 6 pounds. i no you think that diet pills are a good way to go but dont!!!

    losing 6 pound in a month is very good and if you continue you will get yur esult!!

    maybe try and eat less and excersise more and you will gradually lose more weight but dont forget to change you diet around to keep ur metablosm going

    good luck
    lorna xxx

  2. Byte said :

    slimming pills are just the worst ………The side effects are awful
    Zenical/orlistat are usually prescribed and the leaflet that comes with them states that the awful “side effects” will only kick in if you eat anything containing fat (how how untrue) When I took them it was only successful for about 1 month and I avoided fat like the plague and still I ended up on the loo ……
    I went on to have weight loss surgery as I have plenty to lose being morbidly obese.
    I lost 10 stone and have not looked back.

    I hope your experience with pills is better than mine.

  3. Renu G said :

    Here is an excellent site with some wonderful options for you.



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