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How can I keep from regaining the weight I lose on a high protein diet?

I want to lose weight before prom and I know high protein is a good way to lose weight fast. But how can I avoid regaining the weight I lose after I’m off the diet?

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4 Responses to “How can I keep from regaining the weight I lose on a high protein diet?”

  1. burring off fatt 1234 said :

    stay away from lots of carbs and fried fatty foods

  2. jumpgirl15 said :

    make sure you exercising regularly.
    and count your calories!
    you can still have everything you want to eat AS LONG AS you don’t go over your calorie limitation. (most women’s calorie limitaion should be 1500-1800 calories per day) NOT the 2000 everyone claims it should be.

  3. YoYo said :

    Keep exercise that will burn the calorie intake

    I read an interesting article
    “How to Sleep and Lose Weight at the Same Time?”

    The burning ratio during exercise or aerobics is 20% fat to 80% glucose. And during resting metabolism (sleep) this is reversed to 20% glucose and 80% fats!

    The problem for a lot of us is, we cannot optimize body fat metabolism (20%:80%) overnight when we go to bed with a depleted liver. We activate stress hormones which inhibit glucose metabolism, which in turn inhibits fat metabolism.

    The incredible news is, metabolism stress can be easily prevented by eating honey prior to bedtime as it provides adequate fuel for the liver during the night fast. Honey intelligently restocks the liver selectively without digestive burden and forms a stable supply of liver glycogen which our brain demands for the 8 hrs of night fast – when we sleep.

  4. Fdser said :

    One pound a week. If you’re not losing at least one pound a week on your chosen weight loss regimen, you’re (a) stalled, or (b) finished. You might need to push yourself even harder, or (in some cases) let up a little bit while your body plays catch-up. If you lose more than one pound a week, then you’re doing better than average. Expecting to lose five pounds a week just isn’t realistic, though.


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