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Can Switching From Coke to Diet Coke Aid Weight Loss?

Im something of a Coke addict (at least a can a day) and was considering switching to Diet Coke, because this has less calories will this help weight loss?

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6 Responses to “Can Switching From Coke to Diet Coke Aid Weight Loss?”

  1. Ljaneee. said :

    Either way, it’ll bloat you.

  2. jatdg said :

    It may not help weight loss, but it will not rot your teeth like normal coke,

  3. in love again said :

    Nope not at all, i suggest getting off soda altogether which will definitely aid weight loss. also stay7 away from anything claiming to be any form of diet product the company is just trying to make a sale, it will not help you lose weight

  4. Bbran said :

    Diet Coke can make you gain as much weight as regular Coke and possibly even more, so no, it will not aid in weight loss.

  5. mr nobody said :

    every carbonated drink gets you bloated and actually makes you stop losing weight and gain more wieght

  6. A_J said :

    my mum switched to diet irn bru and lost nearly 6lbs changing nothing else so i would say yes


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