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How do fat grams affect a diet revolving around cutting calories?

I am currently on a diet watching what I am eating, have about halved my calorie intake, but how does fat grams affect calories and weight loss?

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2 Responses to “How do fat grams affect a diet revolving around cutting calories?”

  1. chinamigarden said :

    There are more calories in each gram of fat then there are in grams of carbs. When you cut fat it eliminates more calories then if you cut carbs. While certain types and amounts of fats are good for you excessive fat is not, so to cut fats not only eliminates the densest food calorie wise, it also helps focus what calories you do eat on healthier foods.

  2. BegrudginglyEastCoast said :

    Fats also slow you down when you exercise, whereas leaner proteins and carbs give you energy. You’ll probably end up burning more calories during your workouts if you avoid eating a lot of fat.

    That’s not to say that fat is all bad. Olive oil, avocado, and lowfat dairy are good fats that can help keep you feeling full during your diet. Just make sure to consume in moderation 😉


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