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How many people have lost weight drinking green tea?

I have been told by several friends that they lost weight drinking green tea. Does plain old green tea work or do you have to get a certain brand?
I know that diet and exercise are the way to lose weight. I am just wondering if there igreen tea helps.

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3 Responses to “How many people have lost weight drinking green tea?”

  1. Paul M said :

    If you keep your diet and exercise regimen exactly the same as it is now and you start drinking green tea all day for a year….you will lose…exactly…nothing!!!

    There are no short cuts.

  2. Sai2301 said :

    im losing 3 pounds every week drinking green tea…of course im on a portion controlled lactovovegetarian diet and i do cardio & yoga 4 days a week too…

  3. Gymbunny said :

    I did try it but nothing but it made no difference at all apart from having to force down a drink I did not like!!
    I think it’s yet another scam to get money out of us- after all- if all it took was green tea to be slim there would be no overweight people around!!


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