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Whats the most weight you have ever lost without being on a fad or crash diet?

Whats the most weight you have lost without having to really try and how long did it take?
How did you do it?

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19 Responses to “Whats the most weight you have ever lost without being on a fad or crash diet?”

  1. rose_merrick said :

    None! You have to diet and watch what you eat to loose weight, really – there is no other way, just diet and exercise

  2. emi500 said :

    3 stone in 2 months, i just lost my appetite, the more i lost the more energy i had so was exercising more. wouldn’t recommend losing weight that quick though.

  3. hotmama2006 said :


  4. nettyone2003 said :

    About 2 stones when I had the children – and during the next 8 weeks!

  5. SYJ said :

    three kgs but this was after a car accident – not a recommended way.

  6. Donna J said :

    40 lbs! And have kept most of it off for over 10 years!! Changed my diet, exercised a little every day and had moral support!!! It’s possible if you work at it and don’t expect it to happen over night. It takes time & effort but its worth it to be healthy!!!
    Before that I lost around 35 lbs when I was in my early 20s, but it was after an accident causing me to be hospitalized for nearly 3 months. Wouldn’t reccomend that!! The other way is much better and lasts longer!!!

  7. shyguy54 said :

    20lbs….after i lost my head over a girl

  8. Canadian Goose said :

    10-15 pds. It was totally related to stress!!!! Totally lost my appetite. Some pple over eat when under stress…i lose my appetite.

  9. samantha said :

    4 lb in one week

  10. jasmine said :

    3st on weight watchers. But I’ve put nearly all of it back on.

  11. leigha said :

    I had a mojor operation, my clothes were litrally falling off me in 2 months, but i soon piled it all on again !! unfortunetly.

  12. Nikki D said :

    2 lb a week on Weight Watchers but then I had to quit because I was so depressed about counting, measuring, weighing everything for a lousy 2 lbs!

    Kimkins is better and faster, thank goodness!

  13. skababe said :

    i was an over healthy 18 1/2 stone then i lost 11 stone. no diet or fad. about a year. decided to eat properly.

  14. Mari C said :

    1 stone 10lbs in about 3-4 months with didn’t do any exercise but was in my mid 20’s – it is simple & I think a very healthy way to lose weight, just encourages healthy eating & you don’t ever have to be hungry

    Good luck !

  15. Fussy Duckling said :

    A little over 20 lbs when my fiance and I broke up. I pretty much went into a depression and didn’t eat or speak for 2 weeks! But afterwards I had energy and felt better!

  16. wildgoose said :

    20 lbs in a month. It was mostly water weight but I had a nervous meltdown. Then depression set in. The medication that the doctors put me on, I had no appetite. I don’t recommend that method of losing weight.

  17. SJ said :

    1 and a half stone in 2 months whilst on holiday in a hot country

    cheapest and easiest way to lose wait is to go to a hot country!!!

  18. Vanessa F said :

    I was a Vegetarian for a year- no meat but diary products ok. Lost about 20 something pounds but I was tired, starting to look yellow and getting bony. But I ate all the carbs I wanted! Another tip-loose the soda and stick to water! No flavored water either.

  19. uman613 said :

    I’ve tried all different diets, and the weight loss is only temporary. I finally tried diet pills on the market are made from Hoodia. I saw this stuff on ABC News. It’s all natural and safe, and it works! My wife took it for a month and dropped 20 pounds. I took it for a month and lost about 13 (but I didn’t exercise).

    I bought the natural hoodia from this website: . I checked the web site address so I can post it here and I saw they’re running a promotion now to get a free 2 week sample for only $4.97! I’m going to order this supply for my wife and give it to her for Christmas =)


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