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For Anyone Here Who Has Lost ALOT Of Weight, Do You Feel That You Are More Attractive Now?

Than Before You Lost The Weight?

Do you think that people find you more attractive?

Did your face change in anyway?

No I don’t need to lose any weight but after a recent discussion with a friend I was left wondering these questions.

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10 Responses to “For Anyone Here Who Has Lost ALOT Of Weight, Do You Feel That You Are More Attractive Now?”

  1. *(-.-)* said :

    Well from what i learned.

    When you lose weight, and when you look at yourself in the mirror…and you say Damn I look good…it raises your self esteem, but….when you are overweight and look at your self…you say damn am fat no1 likes me ….If your self esteem goes up, offcourse you will feel more attractive.

  2. Vr said :

    I lost about 40 pounds, and I didn’t feel any more attractive, in fact, I felt worse because people kept asking me if I was eating, or making myself sick. I had just taken up a new sport. It really just depends on your self esteem and the people you are around.

  3. wes said :

    yeah. when i lost weight i felt much better and people said i seemed happier so i was glad i did it

    your name reminded me of a cool song =)

  4. angel c said :

    I’ve been 112 lbs and I’ve been over 240 lbs.
    I didn’t feel good at 112 lbs. I had to work too hard to maintain it and I was always tired.
    At 240 lbs I was always achey and sad.
    So I have found my weight does affect my mood. I’m also one of those whose face will get ghastly thin or fat and round. I now try to maintain a healthy weight. Though I really still see myself as fat when I look in a mirror.

    I won’t say whether or not people find me more attractive. I can say that when I was 240 + lbs that I would get people pointing, whispering and giggling. People whether they mean to or not treat others differently based on weight. It’s one thing to see a show on tv with models wearing fat suits. It’s another having walked in those shoes.

  5. the nawab of incoherence said :

    i recently lost 12 stone through my divorce and i’m alot more attractive thank you. I didn’t divorce her because she was 12 stone though so i’m not all bad.

  6. francegreendog said :

    How much is a lot of weight? I lost about…23 pounds. I weighed 141 and now i am down to 125 and hope to lose 10 to be pretty much at my perfect weight. And personally, i do feel a lot better. But i have a friend who has lost about 50 pounds. She used to be so self concious and it was noticeable. Now, it’s not as noticeable but she is still almost as self concious. She always puts herself down. I have to make sure how i say things because she bends everything. Some people just have more problems then their weight.

    I feel more attractive
    my face has always been pretty thin
    umm…i am not sure if people find me more attractive though
    and i do feel better then before i lost the weight.

  7. April said :

    I lost about 2 and a half stone, and i definately felt more attractive and confident. Other people also definately seemed to find me more attractive and that did wonders for my confidence too. As far as my face goes, definately looks prettier thinner! Now i just have to maintain it ! 😐

  8. dulcisSomnium said :

    At the end of january i weighed around 182lb (13stones) and ive since dropped to 133lb (9and a half stone) personally i dont see the difference, people around me have noticed, i think their reactions and comments have helped encourage me to feel more positive and attractive.

    I dont think any woman will ever be totally happy with their weight, i know i dont ever feel thin enough. But ive started concentrating on the im healthier aspect.

    I recently went into a clothes shop that i went into at 182lb, size 14, and theyd blanked me, however now a size 10 they are helpful and went out of their way to help and make conversation. Its amazing how peoples perception of a person changes based on size.

    My face hasnt really changed, i have a rounded face, maybe its a little thinner, but nothing noticeably obvious.


  9. mandi said :

    I lost 5 pounds….. I didn’t need to and it was kind of an accident. I actually felt worse because it came out of my but
    : D Believe me, I am in need of some junk in the trunk.

  10. aidin k said :

    Than Before You Lost The Weight?


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