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Has anyone lost over 60 pounds in weight?

How long did it take and how did you do it. I want to at lose at least 60 pounds mainly as I have always had huge uncomfortable breasts and have noticed that a lot of women who lose weight, seem to lose it off their breasts also.

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10 Responses to “Has anyone lost over 60 pounds in weight?”

  1. J2809 said :

    make sure you get stuff like Bio-Oil, last thing you want is massive stretch marks from losing weight.

  2. takeapeekatme271 said :

    My aunt has. She was (sorry…I feel bad saying this), pretty big. But she looks GREAT now. I think she’s lost around 70 or 85 pounds. Maybe more. It’s taken some time (I’m not sure how long. Maybe a year or a year and a half). But My mom said she was on LA Weight Loss (again, not sure). And it seems to be quite easy. They just check you’re measurements and health and then tell you how much of each food you can have and I think you weigh in about 3 times a week.
    And yes, when you lose weight, you also lose some boob-age tissue, also! Lol! Keep at it and you’ll accomplish your goals.

  3. jen said :

    Don’t try to lose the weight too quick just 2lb week. You would lose it off your boobs but if you’ve been over weight for a long while and loose the weight quickly you might get left with just floppy deflated balloons and then might need a boob job!
    Good luck you should be able to loose it in about 6 months if you’re determined.

  4. lea n jase said :

    i have lost 5 stone in the last 9 years and all I did was cut down on my meals and went swimming and started at the Gym.

    I need to loose more but now finding it difficult as the weight isn’t coming off that easy.

  5. courtney Rose said :

    Yes, I have lost 83 pounds and i did it the natural way buy eating healthy and exercising with the help of the 3-hours diet written by Jorge Cruise!

  6. ANF said :

    Not quite 60 pounds but 45. Gave up all fats, half fat cheese, no cakes or anything with sugar in it. No spirits and reduce on bread. Eat all fresh fruit and veg and whole food products only. Did this all in 5 months. People I know thought that I was dieing. I wasn’t and I have stayed the same weight now for 3 years.

  7. Kindness said :

    I am almost there . . . and I am so excited about my progress!!

    Lost 20 pounds and 19 inches in just my first six weeks on Herbalife products – completely natural, very healthy nutritional products – and I continue to lose weight and/or inches every week!!

    If you’re interested in taking a look at the products, go to for free samples (there is a small shipping and handing charge).

    You’ll be glad you did. Best of luck to you.

  8. Grannyto3 said :

    I wish!

  9. coolcatz said :

    Hi Sue, I’m a wellness coach which means I help people with getting the best health whatever the reason. I have helped people lose weight be it just a few pounds to shape up to people needing to lose a whole lot more.

    If you are interested in losing it healthily then have a look at my profile. I would love to help you with your challenges.

    Best wishes

  10. shadowmonkeyblue said :

    I have lost 31 lbs in 2 months and 10 days and still losing.By my 6 month mark i will have lost a total of 65 lbs.I have a diet plan if you are interested.Just contact me.


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