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Dr. Atkins Diabetes Revolution- Does anyone here use it to treat their diabetes? (no put downs,need real info)

My dr. oked for me to use the Dr. Atkins Diabetes Revolution diet to loose weight and control my diabetes. She said she’s used it successfully in her cardiac patients to loose weight quickly when they were due for surgery soon. She’s been pleased with the results.

I was wondering if anyone here uses his diet. I was curious as to anyone else’s experiences, comments, or info.

Also, how does it differ from the regular Dr. Atkins diet?

The Diabetes Association won’t be interested in Atkins, but to me it’s the most logical way to control diabetes. And even dr. Atkins says NOT to go overboard on fats. I have read the first book and could about recite it to you, I was just wondering about the Diabetes book as I’ve not totally read that one yet.

If you’ve really read the Atkins book, then you know that the body makes it’s own cholesterol, it’s not gotten fully from the fats we eat. And I rarely use fats anyways, so no problem there.

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5 Responses to “Dr. Atkins Diabetes Revolution- Does anyone here use it to treat their diabetes? (no put downs,need real info)”

  1. georgia said :

    i’ve done the adkins diet with great success off and on for 8 years. my lab results whenever i got them done definitely got better

  2. MEJ said :

    My mom is on the Atkins diet due to her needing to cut down on carbs that she eats. There are certain fruits that are high in sugar (although it is natural sugar), so you will need to read more on that (strawberries, mango, etc.) but you can also eat brown rice and healthy whole grain or natural versions of your favorite foods. not only will you lose weight, but you will have more energy and feel better. hope that helps

  3. trainer53 said :

    I haven’t heard of the “new Atkins diet” but you could probably look it up on the internet and get more information.
    I personally, as a trainer didn’t like the atkins diet, too much of too much, fat, fat, fat. I train all kinds of people who did it for awhile.
    I do know that the Diabetic Association has a excellent web site if you want to look at what they have, they have all kinds of recipes there too and daily information for you that is very helpful. Just go to their website or I would be curious to see if they recommend that diet, I’m betting they don’t!

  4. David T said :

    There is very little difference between the Atkins diet and the Atkins Diabetes diet.

    The whole idea is to cut out sugars, alcohol and carbohydrates. Carbs and alcohol are turned into sugar and stored as body fat if it’s not used.

    If you don’t take those things in then the body will have a reduced amount of sugar in the blood. Also the body will start to use the sugars (carbs) stored as fat, allowing you to lose weight.

    I am diabetic and a little overweight still, but losing nicely. Not only have I been able to quit taking glucofage (diabetes medicine) but my total cholesterol has dropped dramatically!

  5. Skeeter said :

    I think it is the best way to control diabetes. On there are quite a few people who had diabetes and don’t now because of Atkins and low carb.

    Cutting out white things is the biggest start. White flour, rice, potatoes etc these turn to sugar in the stomach. Plus corn is a grain and turns to sugar in the stomach too (corn syrup)

    Atkins is not ALL fat! It is not unhealthy either. I have lower cholesterol today than I did 2 1/2 years ago since beginning this WOE. It is also not NO carbs but low carbs. Yea! Atkins.


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