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Can someone give me an excercise/eating plan to lose some weight?

I am 5’2, around 128lbs and 16 years old. I’m tired of crash dieting and such which is what I’m used to. Usually I’ll look at the scale and b depressed then stop eating a lot and lose 5lbs in 2 days or so. I want to be healthy. I love the feeling of eating right and exercising because I have so much energy. What should I eat and how much of it should I eat? If you could give me a site that would be good to. Is my exercise ok or should I do more? : 30 minutes on the treadmill (2.5 miles) and some light upper body exercises to tighten but not tone.

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5 Responses to “Can someone give me an excercise/eating plan to lose some weight?”

  1. sarafaith7 said :

    Your height and weight do not really indicate that you are overweight. Maybe there are some toning exercises you could do tighten up, if that’s what you are looking for.
    If you want to feel healthy from eating right, eat lots of vegetables, lean proteins and stay away from processed sugars and foods that contain high amounts of fat and sodium. Sometimes, when we are teenagers, we focus too much on the number on the scale. When I was in 6th grade I was your size ( I was an early bloomer). I thought that I was “fat”. I really and truly believed it. Sometimes, it’s just our mind playing trick on us. Best of luck.

  2. lhouee d said :

    diet plssss,dont eat too much,more exercise

  3. Dilip SDIPANKAR said :

    When mother Nature has provided us with such a simple and easy treatment to cure diseases and even to avoid them we all must follow the instructions given by her. These Therapies only help Nature to cure us. Let us not ignore Nature in our mad pursuit of science. THIS NATURE’S ‘DO IT YOURSELF’ ACUPRESSURE THERAPY ITSLEF IS A SCIENCE AND NOT A MATTER OF BELIEF. Try this Therapy sincerely and regularly for at least 15 days and observe its wonderful and amazing result.

    Obesity : This is due to :

    1. Malfunctioing of Thyroid/Parathyroid gland and late on other endocrine
    glands e.g. malfunctioning of Pineal gland leads to retention of water and
    excess water in the body and leads to excess fat.

    2. Underworking of Sex glands mainly in ladies after delivery of a child.

    3. Overeating i.e. taking more calories than required by the body.

    C U R E :

    Take minimum 3 liters water in a day.

    Take Acupessure treatment on all endocrine glands twice daily.

    2. During pregnancy and after delivery, take treatment on all the endrocrine
    glands. After delivery, increae heat in the body, take the acupressure

    3. Drink charged gold/silver/copper water daily two glasses reduced from 4

    4. Drink hot to lukewarm water only during the day and always after meals.

    5. In the morning in one glass of hot water add juice of half a lemon and one
    tablespooful of honey. Drink it. That will reduec the desire to eat/drink

    6. Chew food at least 15 minutes

    7. Drink 3 to 5 cups of green juice a day adding 1 teaspoonful of health drink
    to each cup. This will help to reduce the body very fast WITHOUT ANY SIDE

    8. Eat plenty of salads adding 100 grams of sprouted cereals like Mung. Also
    eat two seasonal fruits + 1 glass of buttermilk.

    9. Avoid all food if possible. However, in spite of the above diet, if you
    feel very hungry, take preparations of only wheat or only rice. That will
    rduce the intake of food. But eat this food only when you are very hungry.

    10. Do Pranayam + Ling Mundra + Jogging+Skipping+swimming + Acupressure.

    NOTE :


    In the case of females,damage to endocrine glands of Thyroid/Parathyroid is very common. Moreover, their Sex glands are damaged during pregnancy or delivery because of worry. And so when these two endocrine glands do not function properly, these women start putting on weight more around the waist. Because of damage to these two endocrine glands, sometimes even Pineal gland is damaged and so there is more retention of water in the body, which is also one of the reasons for excess weight.

    When such patients come, their obese figure obviously shows their problem which can be confirmed by pressing on point nos. 8, 11 to 15 and no. 3. At this time of checking, it is advisable to check other endocrine glands too, so you can locate any further damage, if any. for cure, first it is necessary to treat these two endocrine glands for 15/20 days and only then start dieting and treatment on not only these two endocrine glands but also on the other endocrine glands. I have treated many cases,where the weight loss was from 2/3 kgs to 10 kgs per month. Once the weight has reached normal then ask the patients to continue Acupressure treatment and they will be able to maintan their weight and pleasing figure.

  4. Kuka said :

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  5. Nigel Rozzelle said :

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