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Help I need to lose weight! Which diet should I choose and why?

I am a 27 year old black female that is looking to lose weight (about 30-40 lbs). I am willing to work hard and do it the right way but I have no idea how. I’ve thought about doing a diet plan like South Beach or Weight Watchers but I don’t know. I am also interested in joining a gym like Curves for women. What are you suggesstions on how to get started?

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4 Responses to “Help I need to lose weight! Which diet should I choose and why?”

  1. tonymci2 said :

    I did Weight Watchers, and I liked it.

  2. Gabby D said :

    well i heard that if you eat a grapefruit every morning then for the rest of the day something in it will burn up everything you eat and you do it for 12 days then stop for a couple then go for another 12 days it works great!

  3. AnswerBlaster said :

    I’ve had good success with

  4. fevb said :

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