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How do you lose fat and muscle?

Well, I’ve been wanting to lose weight for a while, but I also want to lose some muscle. I’ve heard people comment on my legs being like a guys, and in a way, they pretty are. But I still have fat along with the muscle, and I want to lose both. What are things I can do to achieve that?

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3 Responses to “How do you lose fat and muscle?”

  1. Lauryn said :

    I had way too much fat in all the embarrassing areas until I tried acai berry, I understand they say that pills will not work, nevertheless they definitely worked for me, and they’ve been showcased on the Rachael Ray Show too. There’s a free trial on at the moment at , why not try it, what’s the worst that could happen?

  2. Angelacia baybeeeeee said :

    cut calories and switch from high intensity exercise (weights, sprinting etc) to aerobic (swimming, biking, running)
    good luck 🙂

  3. The Wild Man said :

    Try the Lil Jack workout to burn fat quickly


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