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How do I lose weight and exercise without getting huge leg muscles?

I’ve always had a little extra weight that I’ve struggled to lose (I’m 5’9″ and 155lbs) but my problem is that after doing very little cardio like running or elliptical, my legs get huge. Mom says it’s the native american in our family…lol. I also teach pole dance and I don’t want big ugly man-thighs… help!

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7 Responses to “How do I lose weight and exercise without getting huge leg muscles?”

  1. Pro Trainer said :

    Eat properly.

  2. Captain Jackass said :

    Amputate your legs. There, you’ll be half your current weight and there’s NO RISK of huge leg muscles.

    Alternatively: bulemia.

  3. truth_betold said :

    Run every day and you will be amazed….i lost 40 lbs in three months from running as far as i could every day taking the weekends off..i had killer legs..i swear it works and after a week or so it feels great and its addicting its just getting through that first week..if your legs have fat on them then maybe they get big at first but the fat coming off will make them nice and toned..if your legs just get bigger than you must not have fat on them to burn off and maybe u should aim for other parts your body to work out on..

  4. Susan M said :

    Do pilates to keep your muscles strong but not over developed. Eat lots of vegetables and fruits,protein but restrict refined carbs and especially sugars! Take extra fiber, too.

  5. SkyAngel said :

    You have to combine exercising with proper eating in order to lose weight. Eat healthily and incorporate more fruits and vegetables in your meals. try to eat small regular meals too. Anyway, even if your legs get huge due to exercising, I am sure it look better than when it was flabby? Maybe you could just change to some other exercises which do not focus on your legs.

    You can try to have a look at my source, there are a whole of tips to lose weight there. maybe you can pick up a tip or two. All the best.

  6. hunter said :

    you could try swimming.
    or cut your calorie intake by about 800 a day.

  7. nanaandnaro said : will help you out a lot try it out : )


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