are sprints the best way to lose fat quickly?

really dunno how much to lose, but i want my skin to be tight cuz i’m muscular. i’m 5 7, 135 lbs, 17yo, male. i’m not fat, but i have a lil love-handleage going on, and i wanna lose the fat on my tummy so u can see my 6pack. but i guess i’d like to lose 5 lbs fat. i’m going to gain a lot in muscle after this summer. but right now i have 1 month to lose this fattttt. can it be done???
if sprints arent the best way, whut iss????? i eat XTREMELY healthy, so not a problem. i am going to start protien shakes this weekt tho too.

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3 Responses to “are sprints the best way to lose fat quickly?”

  1. Elle said:

    It can be done but it will likely take a lot of cardio activity to burn off the fat, cardio is the fastest way to get rid of extra weight. Keep on eating healthy, eat the right portions, and just keep on exercising. As for me, I run a lot to keep the fat off and do light weight lifting to stay toned, I also use something called Rite Slim- it just pretty much helps to burn fat faster. You might wanna look into something like that just to help keep the fat off once you get it off. I’ll give you the url if you wanna check it out. It works really well for me, it’ll probably work great for you too.

    Good luck! : )

  2. Terry F said:

    Building muscle will burn fat quicker than cardio (sprints). Since you have a targeted area in which you wish to lose, I’d suggest you concentrate on a variety of situps (included twisted situps to work on your sides). Also, cut 400 calories from your daily food intake.

    The sprints would be healthy, but if your goal is quick fat reduction, they could slow you down a wee bit. (In a study of diet + resistance exercise, diet+cardio exercise, diet + resistance & cardio, diet + resistance exercise lead to the fastest — and most substantial — weight loss)

  3. Hearts said:

    you are the stupidest person alive!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


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