what do you do to lose fat as quickly as possible???

need to loose fat! but limited time!!
anyone know how to lose fat as quickly as possible and if neccessary put in with the website too?

and please no liposuction, i hate that…. -_-

thanks a lot!

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8 Responses to “what do you do to lose fat as quickly as possible???”

  1. Justaxing said:

    Drastically cut your intake and do lots of hardcore cardio.

  2. martha b said:

    jogging and a little weight lifting for an hour and good foods

  3. Tim B said:

    Stop eating.

  4. JANET S said:

    The cabbage soup diet is a seven day eating plan that includes other foods besides the soup. If followed, you can loose a great deal of weight in one week. I must caution you though, this diet is for seven days and seven days only. However; you can go off the diet for one week and then go back on it for another seven days. Good luck!


  5. brooklynfinest said:

    yea, eat healthy food, do sum laps and lift weight’s

  6. diana dee said:

    Go on a fast (no food for three days) but you must drink plenty of thin broths, plain tea and loads of water. No sugar. This will trim you down. Don’t do it for longer though.This is the fast way not particularly recommended by docs or dieticians but a lot of people call it a detox anyway. Good luck if you can do it.

  7. shania3949 said:

    eat less… move more. really

  8. liverade said:

    go on an all liquid diet(water, low sodium chicken broth, diluted fresh fruit juices) over the weekend and detox your body with laxitives and exercise……only do this for a couple days seeing as though it’s not the most healthiest way of losing weight but it works for a special occasion


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