What is the best form of exercise for loosing weight as quickly as possible?

Oh, and if you know, roughly how long do you think it would take to loose 15 lbs?

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8 Responses to “What is the best form of exercise for loosing weight as quickly as possible?”

  1. BRUTAL said:


    how fast u lose weight depends on ur current weight , if ur overweight then a month id say with decent diet/exercise, if ur average weight then maybe 2 months.
    and it also depends how much calories u burn a day

  2. ? said:

    Aerobic exercise burns the most calories the fastest. The best aerobic exercises are running, walking, and riding a bicycle. If you eat healthy, non-processed foods that are low in fat, and you did 30min or more of aerobic exercise a day, you could lose 15lbs in 1-3 months.

  3. Alex Y said:

    Sprinting!!! If you are just out of shape then sprinting is for you!! I do 60 seconds of nonstop sprinting and then 60 seconds of walking, alternating about 5-8 times. If you can’t do sprinting then I’d still suggest cardio and weight lifting.

  4. Postergirl said:

    Food combining rules. Do not mix meats with potatoes, sandwiches make you gain weight if they are made of protiens and starches because:
    when a starch (potatoes, bread, rice, even bananas are a starch) touch your tongue the body automatically produces an alkaline to digest it in the stomach BUT when your tonge touches a Protien (meats, beans and eggs for example) your body automatically produces an acid to break it down in the stomach.
    SCIENCE shows us that alkalines and acids DO NOT MIX, and the body will have a sluggish time to try to absorb these together, this causes gas, bloating, weight gain and can lead to IBS, Gurd and other icky things that our stomachs can be ruined by.
    The following book has this all listed in it, actually there are 2 sources to this ancient and obvious route to a healthy and non hungry way to lose weight, It will take some time, but expect to feel thinner within ONE WEEK. the results of 15 lbs depends on how much you want to exercise, and in this diet plan you will feel invigorated enough to enjoy something like walking, dancing or yoga to get the shape you want. Good luck!

  5. amanda s said:

    definatly weight lifting to build muscles and HIIT cardio (best kind of cardio for burning fat because you burn fat even after your done)
    hiit cardio is where you sprint really hard, then walk or jog, then sprint again etc. you can look it up more on google to find more information on how to properly do it, theres a bunch of differnt ways
    if you stick to your diet, and excersie regularly, itll probably take you about between 1 1/2 to 2 months to lose 15 pounds.
    give yourself a cheat meal, or a cheat day once a week. its actually good to switch it up once in awhile, just dont go crazy and start stuffing your mouth with everything in sight!
    also try talking l-carnitine and CLA vitamins. they’re both good for metabolizing fat. also try taking 1000 mg of fish oil 3 times a day. it should boost your fat burning

  6. LoftyDog said:

    dont just run, walk and jog but for a longer time. If you just run you’ll tier out before it has a chance to affect your body Start out with a fast walk and do that for about 20 25 minutes then move on a jog and do that for as long ass you can.
    I also herd that at the end of your workout/cardio, a 30 second sprint in minute intervals 6 times, is good
    btw diet is also very important so do some research on whats right for you, and try to incorporate some weight training, it will burn away fat. If you can do weight training, do it right before you do cardio,
    I hope this helps

  7. goldenodlie454 said:

    Well since you asked……. Jump roping by far will shed the most weight. If you can manage to do this in a sauna suit everyday, you could easily drop more than ten pounds in a month. However consider this as slightly unhealthy. Your body might be in utter shock and no one wants anybody to have a heart attack right? But Olympic wrestlers jump rope in sauna suits to keep weight and many of them attest to losing 6 pounds in a day.

  8. hot n sexy said:

    run or walk atleast 30 min a day.look out of what you eat dnt eat fat or greasy things.hope this helps


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