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What is a healthy way to lose weight?

I would like to lose a bit of weight, mostly in my stomach. I want to work towards a more fit stomach. I always find when i try to cut down on eating i just overeat when I actually have a meal.

What is a healthy way to lose weight safely?
i would like to find some plan for me to stick to. any ideas?

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3 Responses to “What is a healthy way to lose weight?”

  1. Sai2301 said :

    workout often and eat healthy for the rest of your life so that your excess body weight that you initially lose never ever returns…that means NEVER go on a diet!just portion control and make healthier choices…eat on time but give yourself a teat or two every week or 2…rest well and drink enough water…you have to do cardio and toning exercises 5 or 6 days a week…music might help motivate cardio exercises …getting a trainer might help in the overall workout part but meditation can help in all your efforts…constantly visualize and then toil for optimum results…fat loss will take time,so be patient and confident…good luck

  2. mansionghost said :

    have you tried this workout video? ?

  3. me said :

    I think the best way to obtain and keep a certain goal when dealing with weight or figure is to keep it realistic and work towards making choices that will help you when you feel you have reached what you are looking for. I am no pro, but in my experience if you only do what you need to for the time being you are more likely to eventually put yourself back in situation you are in now. I suppose that works with every situation in life …
    Anyway …there is no way to tell you exactly because no one will know exactly what your diet is and how much you actually eat. Do you have a high fat diet, do you drink alcohol, are you on meds, do you get enough sleep, and well …ect. (you get my point).
    I have lost between 20-30 lbs withing the last year weighing in at 115. I did not diet, no crazy workout regimen, and certainly no diet pills. What I did was get on a more regimented schedule (ie: amount of and what time I go to sleep, what I do on a day-to-day basis and when I do it). I used to be against doing everything on a schedule or timeclock sort of situation, but ultimately I feel it sort of regulated me making me feel a bit more stable and ultimately less stressed.
    I cut the alcohol …now I do have a drink from time to time don’t get me wrong, just not as much as I did before. Which brings me to sleep. Without drinking as much I feel more rested and from what I read sleep is a very important part of a healthy “diet”. From the cut down of alcohol I don’t crave as much of the bad stuff either …you know what I’m talking about. Although, I do still get a good burger in (everything in moderation). Alcohol also has TONS of calories especially if you drink those fru-fru drinks. Let’s move on …you might not drink for all I know.
    Working out. It does not have to be a drag. What kind of things are you into? If a gym is your mojo then go for it. Some good old cardio on the ellipse machine never hurt anyone especially if followed by some toning excercise with some light weights. Another alternative is dancing, cardio kickboxing (my personal fave), sports, and anything else that will get you moving and you consider to be “fun” rather than being a task.
    Breakfast. The most important meal of the day. That meal will wake you up and get you going. It used to make me feel sick (or so I thought), but I honestly feel better now that I am used to it. Don’t make it complicated, even just a simple bowl of cereal is great. Even if that cereal is lucky charms …everything in moderation. Of course there are much healthier alternatives, but you can research that yourself because I have already written enough and for all I know you aren’t even reading anymore. Oh well …I will continue anyway.
    Aparently stress can cause one (especially in women) to pack on tummy pounds. Figure out if there is something that is stressing you and how to better deal with it or even eliminate it. Like I mentioned in the beggining I truly believe it has to be a life change. I got fired from my job recently which was a main source of stress for me and I have probobly lost more weight in result of that since the last time I checked. Probobly due to my lack of money resulting in the fact I can’t afford to feed myself …I am totally kidding …
    As far as the overeating situation I knipped that little prob in the butt a couple of years ago. When my boyfriend and I go out to eat we split just about everything. You can order extra sides or something or sit at a cocktail table so you don’t feel like an a-hole splitting everything like you are a million years old or something. When you start doing that it makes it easier to really realize when you feel “full”. When I am super hungry and think I might overeat I can ball my hand into a fist and realize my stomach is not much bigger and actually put into reality how much really needs to go into my body. When you actually think about it …not that much. That way you can eat smaller portions more times a day which is also healthier than eating huge portions only a couple times of day.
    Anyway …I’m sorry this is so long, but I hope that some of it can help you. Fortunately for you my friend has offered to take my broke butt out to dinner and I have to go, or I could probobly go on. Good luck and remember moderation, realistic goals, and making changes that you can continue on once you reach your ideal weight/size.


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