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How to lose weight fast but healthy?

I’m fifteen years old and over the summer, I’ve gained weight. I’m far from fat but I wouldn’t mind losing a little weight on my thighs and stomach because cheerleading season is coming up and the uniforms show your stomach. Any suggestions to losing weight in a fast but healthy manner? 🙂


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3 Responses to “How to lose weight fast but healthy?”

  1. Myself™ said :

    Try this, you’ll see and feel results in 2-3 days. The muscle will outweigh the fat so don’t let the scale discourage you 🙂

    For exercise, try switching it up (Monday work on arms, Tuesday work on stomach, Wednesday work on legs, Thursday Rest, Friday Arms, Saturday Stomach, Sunday Legs) though you can choose your own schedule/plan. Try maybe using different machines for stomach or legs or arms so your body doesn’t get used to it. Also, try increasing the amount of exercise you do every week.

    For eating, try portion control (70% of your diet is food intake but exercise is also important) eating the serving size and if there is no designated serving size, 1cup if it’s a meal and 1/2 a cup if it’s a snack.

    Breakfast- Whenever you choose
    Drink of choice- hour after breakfast (all other drinks being water; one cup of drink of choice)
    Lunch- 1hr after Drink of choice
    Snack- 1/2 cup, 1 hour after lunch
    Dinner- 2 hours after snack

    It doesn’t matter WHAT you eat unless you’re on a specific diet such as Atkins, it’s mostly just How MUCH we take in and how OFTEN we take it in. I have problems with over-eating and I’ll eat an ice cream, oh I want another and it’s not b/c I’m hungry it’s b/c I have a craving for it and it feels like I can’t wait. Also, eating out of boredom, try drinking water often to prevent hunger. I also have this problem and especially when I’m exercising. (Try buying a treadmill or a few exercising supplies or maybe you can get a gym subscription) and bring with you in an insulated glass/mug full of ice b/c I always and alot of other people always want a little something to feel like their eating or munching on and this is perfect b/c it’s hydrating and you get the little munch out of it.
    Also, how I said about buying some equipment or gym subscription, I’d recommend you buy your own that way you pay a little extra and the rest is free not 1/2 the price every month or whatever. Try buying about the things (one for legs, one for stomach, one for legs and maybe as you get more into, you could add more). Also, if you lift weights try increasing the amount of weight each weeks or two. 🙂
    Hope this helps! Good luck!
    Also, calculate your intake so you know how much to work towards burning plus extra for the muscle 🙂

    I’m twelve and this has always worked for me b/c I have a fat gene and I always maintained my weight and lost it if I got off track 🙂

  2. caitlin said :

    exercise =]

  3. Narrator by music said :

    – Try not eat after a certain hour. Example: don’t eat after 7 p.m. or something. I did that and lost a few pounds.

    – Drop a fatty food that you usually eat; that could be the problem.

    – Make sure you’re not skipping meals.

    – Eat suggested proportions, so read food labels.

    – Add exercise into your diet if you haven’t already.

    Good Luck!


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