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How to lose fat? (not weight)?

ok so i weigh 255 lbs and im 6′ 0″ am i too fat? what can i do to lose some fat? i dont really care about weight because muscle weighs more than fat and thats what i want more of. imm going to start running next week every evening.

what other tips can u give me?
btw im 16 if that changes anything
f*** u my nose juss looks big because of the lighting and of the camara. my sis said that too

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15 Responses to “How to lose fat? (not weight)?”

  1. Sa I said :

    no you are not fat, just exercise and keep a routine schedule and never ever break it

  2. yoop said :

    lift weights

  3. Heather said :

    Cardio!!! Drink a ton of water!!!

  4. Babydollz225 said :

    ur not fat, any ways
    stop eating sugar

  5. spundtucker said :

    There is a product called HCL sold at vitamin and natural foods stores that breaks down existing fat and is taken at meal time twice a day
    its about 16.oo and works well with exercise

  6. Peachy Beachy said :

    Drink lots of water and eat healthy and nutritional foods. Lay off the sweets. GOOD LUCK!

  7. Chasemice said :

    You need to eat plenty of low-fat protein (baked chicken breasts and lots of veggies and fruits.

    Plus you need to go walking /jogging every day (at least 5 x a week for at least 30 minutes)

    Also drink lots of water

    Work on your weights

  8. Daniela S said :

    make sure that you always drink plenty of water and make it a routin to work out try not to skip any days no matter how tired you may be………….you have to be very consistent with it in order to see results

    also dont stop if you dont see results right away cuz it does take time for things to work

  9. spamiswhack said :

    the more you run (or do cardio), the less fat you will have. The more muscle you build, the more fat you will burn at rest or while exercising. If you can look in the mirror and can say “I look healthy, and i can run 5 miles without dying” then you don’t need to lose anymore fat. I say 5, because even a fatty can run 1 or 2 miles.

    The more you run, the less hard it becomes, so get in the habit. You will even start to feel guilty that you AREN’T working out if you do it enough and skip a session

    It helps to eat healthier as well of course, common sense would say, more vegetables, less grease and sugar. Protein is always good when exercising. Try to limit your total calorie intake to slightly under 2000 calories

  10. Steven C said :

    you are a bit overweight for your size…so your going to loose weight anyway… even if you do strength training at the gym your gona loose weight because your overweight. – and u loose fat faster than u gain muscle.

    running is good, go every second day, aim for 10k if your jogging.

    eat fruits, vegies, and lots of protein for your muscles
    (high protein diets u might gain weight, but if u wana do it drink about 4L of water a day and eat/drink 200g protein….but i doubt u wud wana spring for the supliments…)

    are u gona join a gym? – i would reccomend it, but if not – visit this site:

    >supersite >exersizes >pick one from every catagory

    (you can filter out exersizes so only exersizes show that dont require any gym equiptment)

  11. SUPER MARIO said :

    muscle doesnt way more than fat it is more dense (you basically said 5 pounds of muscle ways more than five pounds of fat)

    anyways running and lifting weights

  12. Jessicaa said :

    running is really good it helps you to tone up. im not sure if your fat cause im british soo we deal with stone not pounds lol..
    cut down on your calorie intake. note what your calorie intake is roughly each day and cut it down by about 500 a day.
    also drink loads of water, it gets rid of all the toxins in your body.

    i THINK .. pasta is good for muscle gain, eat pasta and excersize and your on a winner..

    if im wrong please correct me, its what i learnt in physical ed but i got a D in my exam so im not that good at it lol.

  13. I bench more than you!!! said :

    you lift weights you won’t change your weight not by a lot you’ll look different more ripped I’m 5’10 and weigh 200 even. jog about a mile lifting weight you find you should be able to do a lot of weight so its seems really cool when you see people checking you out look at the iron you be pumping thats one that feed the ego monster love. whey protein chocolate milk do great for the body. when you say your going to run next don’t wait till next week do it tomorrow can’t wait man got to start it now or you may never start getting started it the hardest thing to do

  14. xDeathxXxProofx said :

    yes, but fat does weight something. if you want to burn fat, jogging for 30 minutes a day and eating healthy will do the trick.

    eat plenty of fruits and veggies and lean protein. drink water and cut your sugar intake.

  15. littlesmoky2 said :

    Cut out sugar entirely.And anything that has more then 200 calories dont eat.You should run for 30 minutes then stop and stretch and then do something fun like hoolihoop or jump rope.


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