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How can i lose fat in my chest and chin?

Im 17 years old ive been lifting weights for 5 years but i cant lose fat (i dont care about weight) i really would like to lose all of my chin and chest fat. i have been running and ive cut my diet in half but i need some help is there anything i can do to lose fat faster.

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2 Responses to “How can i lose fat in my chest and chin?”

  1. big_trouble_in_little_cleveland said :

    You have to change your diet, and eat less fat. I recommend the Abs Diet. Go to your local library and get it. You cant cut fat if you eat alot of fat.

    If you want supplements, you might need something like Hydroxycut. Its a fat burner. Make sure its EPHEDRA free, because Ephedra can cause heart attacks.

  2. themyth60 said :

    Are you having a lot of salt intake? Cause salt will make you bloated. Maybe you can go to the gym and go into the sauna. Just sweat it off, maybe?

    Good luck!


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