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What is the fastest way to lose fat on my thighs?

i would like to lose some fat on my thighs. I dont like that when i walk they rub together. i sould like them skinnier. How do i that?

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5 Responses to “What is the fastest way to lose fat on my thighs?”

  1. Dynamo with a boost of Sard said :

    squats the king of all leg shaper exercises

  2. scooby doo said :

    Sorry to say but if you want something, you have to work for it and the same goes for losing weight. Squats is a good exercise for losing weight in the thigh area.

    Also, you can go to this free website: There is a lot of videos on this site for losing weight.

    Good Luck to you.

  3. Coco said :

    NO Junk food n CARDIO

  4. D said :

    Like tge ones before me said, square is tge best. But any type of leg exercises will do the trick, but getting in shape isn’t an overnight thing. Try running, lunges, box-jumps, etc

  5. sndbdjc said :

    eat the right food for your blood type and according to calories and follow some weight lose tips and you will be able to lose weight, visit this site for complete diet chart and weight lose tips


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