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How do I lose fat from my legs?

I’m 13, and I’d really like to lose some fat from my legs (calves AND thighs). Any exercises or training tips you can suggest would be great. Thanks in advance.

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7 Responses to “How do I lose fat from my legs?”

  1. Albert said :

    Go for a nice jog. This burns calories.

  2. Maximuscle said :

    To help with fat loss, wherever you want to lose it from, firstly you should be trying to eat five to six small meals a day, because this helps your body use the calories more efficiently. Try and reduce your calorie intake slightly and increase protein because this will help muscle tone and also help you to burn fat because if you don’t eat enough protein you may store fat and lose muscle (muscle breakdown)
    You can target fat loss in particular areas through exercise. Below I have listed exercises i would recommend trying with links to our YouTube channel where the exercises have instructions and video demos.

    Adductor Squat
    Leg Curl
    Hammstring Curl with Swiss ball

    Also, cross trainer, rowing and cycling will help burn fat and particularly good for legs

  3. Chris said :

    apparently you lose fat all over your body at an equal rate, you cant target one area for fat loss…. you just need to burn it with cardio…. lots of running, swimming, sports…just general exercise for a long time, get out of breath everyday as a life style change.

  4. fr33d0m09 said :

    Unfortunately you cant pick where to loose and gain fat

  5. Grace said :

    The only way to loose fat anywhere on your body, is by eating less calories and burning more. If you want to define a muscle, you can train that specific muscle. For legs (and all round body) I like doing TiBo. Its fun, exciting and it feels like excersise. Jogging, lunges, stretching(remember to keep good body posture) and even just walking are all great excersises for your legs.

    Have fun working out and remember to do it for your own health and not to impress anyone. When you do it for yourself you have a much greater chance of continueing, than if you have any other reason.

  6. redwed said :

    how about skipping rope…
    you might want to jump for the whole day, yet, it only cost you a very little of fee

  7. said :

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