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How can I lose weight in my thighs and legs?

How can I lose weight in my thighs and legs?
I have big round thighs and legs!
I want them to be skinny. No fat at all!
I exercise about 30 min everyday to lose weight.All my exercise are for lower body.
Im planning to lose 15 kg. Will my thighs and legs will be smaller when I lose weight?

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10 Responses to “How can I lose weight in my thighs and legs?”

  1. Terry said :

    Occasionally diet and exercise basically isn’t the be-all and end-all, cause there will be surplus weight basically lying around in the pipes. It is not body fat, therefore it cannot be burned off, but it will be flushed out, basically by having a diet supplement. has a risk free offer available at the moment, I gave it a try and melted away 17 pounds!! Who says there is no magic bullett? LOL!!!

  2. T M said :

    When you exercize a body part, it builds or tones muscle, which actually increases the weight because muscle weighs more than fat.

    There is no way to target a body part for losing weight; weight will come off the same way it is gained.

    WHat you woulod need to do is focus on a balanced low calorie diet (but BALANCED) and ways to increase resting metabolic rate.

  3. Cibuco T said :

    if you want to lose weight on that area, do more than 30min. 1hour if you can. Massage area before and after workout. lower your intake fat and sugars.

  4. e.mizzle said :

    They should be a lot thinner. If you do things like lunges, which is when you stand up with your legs spread apart a little and just bend your knees and come back up, that REAAALLLLY tones your thighs and legs. You can even feel it working when you do it. I don’t know if I was clear what a lunge was but you can type it in on google of you don’t know how to do it. The only bad thing about this excercise is that when you first start, it can hurt to sit down. Not while you’re sitting but those few seconds when your bending to sit down on a chair. It hurts. Bad. But that just means it’s working! Just do like 50 of them to start out. You don’t want to push yourself too hard!

    Hope this helps. Thats the best excercise I can think of.

  5. tennislover said :

    well u have to settle to lose it all over… thats how it works..
    and by doing so u need to do cardio 3 – 4 days a week…
    maybe even try doing cardio in the morining on a empty stomach… so u burn your fat directly…as there is nothing in the stomach.. it works.. but its tough… u can try that untill u lose some weight..then just do it during the day with some food in the stomach..

    you should also try and lift weights a little to be more toned… uppear body as well! 🙂

  6. jaxs921 said :

    things like walking/ jogging, squats and lunges stretches and pilates for the your lower body are things that are going to help you tone and tighten your lower body

  7. Vfret S said :

    Eat Enough Vegetables

    Vegetables can play a huge role in helping an individual lose weight without dieting. This is because vegetables are very low in calories, especially green, leafy vegetables like spinach, kale and greens. Individuals can eat as many vegetables as they want in a day’s time without damaging their ability to lose weight. There are a few exceptions, of course, with potatoes and corn which are starchy vegetables and have more calories. Some vegetables are even negative calorie foods, which means they take more calories to burn than they have. Celery is a negative calorie food.

  8. Bfdfgfd S said :

    Weight Loss Tip ) Choose Protein

    Choose protein-laden foods for boosting your metabolism and enabling your body to burn fat rapidly. In addition to burning fat, consuming a protein-enriched diet will help you rebuild muscle after work outs and maintain leanness of that muscle. Wisely choose proteins for your diet. Take great care to pick proteins low in fat so you do not consume extra calories.

  9. Bluestar said :

    One can not stess enough the importance of a well balanced diet and a well thought out exersize regime. loosing weight is easy for a lot of people, but KEEPING it of is where the challange begins. myself and also a few other folks I know of have have super results with the system that this website offers. not only that but they give you a money back garentte! one really has nothing to loose but pounds! try it. you would’nt be sorry. It’s a super valueable product.

  10. Nilda Coopey said :

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