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how can i lose some body fat in a week?

Hi, I am Kaylah. I am going to Florida in a week! I need to get rid of some body fat on my thighs and legs! I don’t know how to lose some fat before I go, but I really need to! What are some ideas? Will except anything right now! Thank you!

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One Response to “how can i lose some body fat in a week?”

  1. ☆☆☆ TayLoR SwIfT FaN ☆☆☆ said :

    DO NOT STARVE YOURSELF this is called “Crash Dieting”
    It may make you loose weight quicker but it wont last,you will starve yourself of all your favorite foods,and end up splurging later on them and get the pounds added back on..and then some!(personal experience

    You need to add more FIBER to your diet.(I suggest a serving of cheerios and SKIM milk)
    Second drink A LOT of water (since you lose body fat through Urine,sweat,poop even when you exhale .)
    *Exersise run in place**about 1 minutes** its good cardio.
    Watch what you is a good website to help you keep track of your meals,it will tell you how many calories you have consumed in a day.(I am a member as well)
    Focus on the areas you want to tone.
    Running in place burns fat PLUS tones your legs and thighs.
    Tricep extensions help to rid yourself of the dreaded arm flubber.
    EAT every 3 hours small meals,so your body does not go into “Starvation mode” it can slow down your metabolism.
    Try not to use wieghts too often,they can actually make your muscles bigger,therefore,you might begin looking a little more muscular and poofy.


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