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lose some fat by just walking 3 times a week?

im not fat or anything but there is some fat I should lose. I was thinking of just taking a walk (Mon., Wed. & Fri.). I tryed running but that tires me out lol. Would just walking 3 times a week be any good? also wat kind of foods should I eat? cause IDK I know drink water but im in to soda lol & grilled foods & stuff 2 lol

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8 Responses to “lose some fat by just walking 3 times a week?”

  1. jacked fibras said :

    eat 500 calories less a day to loose 1lb. a week

  2. Dave87gn said :

    walk 6-7 days a week and no less than 1 hour

    and you’ll lose weight

  3. tdten said :

    drink diet soda.
    walks are good.
    keep a positive outlook onlife.

  4. Rachy said :

    walking is great to lose any type of weight as long as you stick to it.
    fruits and veggies and just lower fat foods are good to eat. look for foods that say heart healthy and low sodium and stuff like that. it’s ok to eat grilled food and other stuff like that as long as it’s in moderation. soda is really bad though if you drink it every day. but thats also ok to have one in awhile.
    well, good luck! I hope I helped:)

  5. Amanda said :

    any type of physical activity will help you lose those unwanted pounds, even walking. Though you wont see the results right away, or as fast as you would if you went running, it will help you lose weight. In order for it to work though, it needs to be a fast paced walk for about 20 min or longer a day. The thing you really need to remember is that you need to raise your heartbeat.

    As far as foods go, try and cut back on the fried foods and soda. By completely cutting yourself off, your probably not going to stick to the diet. So try and add a few fruits and vegetables to your diet, and stick to the walking and you’ll be on your way to a healthier you!

  6. Alex F said :

    Walking is probably the most fundamental exercise you can do for weight loss, it is easy and you only need to do 30 minutes a day recommended. It doesn’t tire you out and doesn’t stress out the body like running does, and can help you increase fitness. Start with 3 times a week and if you like it more, go more frequently or for longer periods.

    Foods to eat; stay away from processed foods and foods high in saturated fat, that is what absorbs straight into the gut. Eat leaner meats and also plenty of vegetables and fruit and drink semi skimmed milk instead of whole milk. Also refrain from sugary foods and drinks, you should be drinking much more water than soda. Soda has practically no nutrients.

  7. Irv S said :

    The walking will help, ONLY if you don’t increase your calorie intake,
    and, unless you watch for that, it probably will.
    Kick the soda to the curb. It will make a big difference, and it’s
    really not too healthy to drink a lot of it.
    (Don’t switch to ‘diet’. That stuff is worse for you.)
    If you must have some flavor, go to juices.

  8. mansionghost said :

    try the Lil Jack workout its fun and it works


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