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How to lose some fat in 2 weeks?

I’m going on vacation in 2 weeks and I want to know what I can do to lose some (or all!!) of the fat around my belly, thighs and butt before I go.
I already go to the gym twice a day Mon – Fri, and do a short at home circuit on Saturday. Nothing on Sunday. Is this over training?

What else can I do? Food tips? (no crazy diets please!!) Any ways to maximize my workouts?

Thanks 🙂

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10 Responses to “How to lose some fat in 2 weeks?”

  1. Kyle said :


  2. [.Kristi.] said :

    When you are hungry eat cottage cheese! So many people have lost weight doing this

  3. Ltcnuno said :

    when ever u doing something like moving over to your room or something do it more paced
    i know this is crazy but u can lower the temp in ur house and that will help u loose fat

  4. Lucas said :

    In 2 weeks, It won’t be major weight loss, Just work out, eat right. You don’t need to overdo it either, you don’t want to strain or over work yourself since the body needs time to rebuild muscle you should work out every other day.

  5. sid said :

    fast for 2 days and do exercise 2 times a day

  6. xinji374 said :

    To slim down really quick you gotta eat a lot of fruits and vegetables as well as really pushing your work out routines to the max. The key is to watch your diet and be motivated to really push yourself when exercising.

  7. Kristin I said :

    brush ur teethe like 24/7 lol j/k but seriousley it does work toothe paste makes yooh looses weight it happend to this girl she was huge and she brushed her teethe like 5 or 6 times a day and lost like 10 pounds in like 3 or 4 weeks…..NO LIE!

  8. john said :

    hmm. you already have the exercising down. now you just gotta eat celery and shit. if it has sugar in it, don’t eat it. believe it or not, doughnuts are unhealthy. diet pop makes you bloat and the word “diet” does not mean that it fits in your “diet.” umm… what else… eat less, get some crazy mindset that you’re fat because you eat, and you’ll shed a few pounds, killing your metabolism. i don’t think much of what i’m saying is of any use.

  9. Black Water said :

    you can lose fats by two ways. first by tough and long exercise for example runing 2 miles per day especially at morning, and second by eating foods which contains less calories and energy for example sweet chocaltes contains more calories, meat contains about 750 cal per 10 gram. and less calorie food contains vegatables. you can also do both of these for better results

  10. sugar.spyce said :

    If you want to loose fat in the next two weeks, you have to consider limiting your food intake.
    – Eat a lot of vegetables. (Celery, cucumber, carrots are great!)
    – Cut down on carbohydrates. (potato, pasta, rice, white breads) Sourdough & Rye breads are good though.
    – Eat protein…it will allow you to build some muscles and loose fat.
    – Drink at least 2 L of water. That’s how much you should drink regularly. So when working out, you should drink more.
    – Cut down on sugary things. Juices have a lot of vitamins but they are full of sugar (even if it is fructose). Drink Tropicana as its pure with no added sugar (but limited). Don’t fill up on fruits…because again, it’s full of fructose sugar and that won’t help you loose weight very much.
    [dont get me wrong, you SHOULD eat fruits. but when you are triying to loose weight fast, stick to veggies]
    – No alcohol. One drink is about 100 calories (average) + added juices, sugar, etc etc…

    So basically cut down your calorie intake by about 25%

    This is not an extreme diet…I think it’s pretty healthy. But you also need to take care of your schedule.
    – don’t eat after 7
    – sleep by 10.
    – have about 8 hours of sleep.
    – go for a 30 minute run/jog after you wake up (before breakfast)
    – eat healthy
    – Absolutely no Junk food OR constant snacking. If you are hungry, have some nuts or granola or yogurt or cottage cheeese.

    Hope you reach your goal!


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