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how to get more muscles and lose some fat quick?

ok so i am getting a YMCA gym membership and i was wondering want kinds of things do i have to do to burn fat and gain muscle quickly? and how many hours should i spend at the gym and how many days a week? i know i should do cardio(running, biking and swimming) to lose weight. and the obvious lift weights to gain muscles. but what kinda machines do i use to get wash board abs and bigger pecs and arms, etc. and how long do you think it will take, if i do dedicate myself and work hard, to show some improvements? i know i am asking alot of questions but your answers are greatly appreciated. btw i am 20 and 6’1-2″ and weigh 185-190lbs.

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One Response to “how to get more muscles and lose some fat quick?”

  1. spooned said :

    all you need to use are barbells and dumbells. machines you want to avoid(they’re ineffective and they’re pretty much just a bussiness). you don;t need machines or treadmills. you can do this at home or at the gym it doesn’t matter. i personally like gyms anyway. it’s a fun environment.

    ok diet: have a high protein diet. protein can’t be stored as fat because it converts into glucose and all of those other stages it goes through. thats what protein will always do. protein also makes enzymes that burn fat as well. it’s a fat burner and muscle builder. consume protein every 3 hours because the body needs a constant supply of amino acids to rebuild you muscles bigger and stronger(with out that, you’ll struggle) and because protein isn’t a long lasting substance like carbs are. if you want to lose the weight, it’s best you stay away from carbs. carbs are useful but not nessesary, proteins the dominant. just eat 6 meals a day spread out. each meal containing 25-50grams of protein. powder will do you good.

    ok workouts: for a routine, it would smart use the upper/lower body routine and do it twice a week. ok reps, well(before you go crazy let me tell you how reps work lol), 1-5 rep range are pure neural adaptations that make you strong and powerful but not really big. this explains why some athletes are stonger than they appear. 6-12 rep range are somewhat neural adaptive but also metabolic. this rep range will make you bigger and stronger but not as strong as you would be lifting in the lower rep range. 6-12 rep ranges faciliates hypertrophy(body adaptation that stimulates growth hornmones). 13-20 reps will build endurance and not make you bigger or stronger. there’s no hypertrophy and no neural adaptations. it’s all pure metabolic and cellular activity. these are useful however because they increase capillerization(a bonus for future muscle growth by activating slow twitch muscle fiber and increasing blood flow so nutrition really benefits you). OK HERES THE BIG PICTURE. the most of your training should be focused in the 6-12 rep range if you want to grow bigger. but you need to also lift low rep and high reps too because your body needs to respond to different adaptations other wise your training will fail for you down the road and you might get frustrated and lost lol. alternate between low rep training and medium rep training using that upper/lowerbody routine. substitute light weight lifting and cardio for body exercises like pushups, situps, pullups, etc… just 1 or 2 days every week or even every few weeks.

    ok like i said all you need are barbells and dbells. you need to do compound exercises to fume your body with testosterone. multiple joint workouts hitting multiple muscle groups. avoid isolation exercises which are machines and free weights. all though free weights are fine just focus more on the barbell. free weights are better than machines because you have more neuralogical workouts(balancing dbells) than on a machine. so do anything like, benching, squating, snatches, rows, cleans, overheads and so on. remember to lift to failure. sets are totally up to you. if you feel your muscles you worked are fatigued than don’t continue another set. a few sets is enough. rule of thumb is never spend more than hour at the gym because testosterone levels drop and it’s pointless to continue working out. lastly, for the weight loss, run 2-3 miles a day.


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