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How do i lose fat but gain some muscle?

I’m 13 and football season is going to start in August and my fitness is way behind the other people playing. So how will i be able to lose some of my flab and gain muscle in bout 2 months.
I have 5lb dumbells, jump rope,treadmeal and about an hour and a half each day to exercise.

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2 Responses to “How do i lose fat but gain some muscle?”

  1. fre212eve . said :

    I guess you would just work out a little more ^-^

  2. Dani said :

    Well, you pretty much answered your own question. Use what you have. Start out by doing some cardio warm-ups. Jump rope for 2 minutes, take a 20 second break, jump rope again,rest again, jump rope and then after that, jog on your treadmill for twenty minutes. Every few days, try to do more jump roping without getting tired and jogging longer. This will help your heart, you will gain endurance, and loose flab. Do that every other day.

    Every other day, you should lift weights. Do stuff like bicep curls and chest flies and stuff. You can also look up some great exercises to gain muscle. Make sure that you are not straining yourself, but you are challenging yourself at the same time. It might be a little difficult when you first start out, but after awhile, you will probably need to add some pounds to your dumbbells.

    Just make sure to give yourself a day of rest every now and then.


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