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How Do I LOSE some fat but GAIN muscle?

All the equipment i have is 5lb dumbells, jump-rope, treadmill, ab lounge and 1hr and 30mins. of freetime.
I cant join the public gym yet.
How do I gain some muscle by April?

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3 Responses to “How Do I LOSE some fat but GAIN muscle?”

  1. Veronica S said :

    well when u lose weight u gain muscle so u might gain a few pounds

  2. angelzwings20032001 said :

    Weight lifting routine on a consistent basis. Jumping rope is excellent to start.

  3. Hayden M said :

    You lose fat by aerobic exercise. You gain muscle by lifting weights. Because lifting weights builds muscle mass, that extra muscle mass will help you burn calories during aerobic exercise.

    If you really want to build muscle mass, you may need to invest in some heavier weights, though. Small weights will help you tone your muscles, where large weights will help bulk you up.


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