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What are good supplements for bulid muscle over the summer?

Im 17 and looking for a good supplement that will help gain muscle over the summer for my football season next year. I hear taking supplements will help you gain muscle but after a month of not working out the muscle turns into flab.I looking for a affordable protien mix that will help achieve about at 50% of max now. My maxes are: bench 165 squat 255. If any you guys out their would recommend some good workouts.

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2 Responses to “What are good supplements for bulid muscle over the summer?”

  1. RookieOfDaYear said :

    Well I use Muscle Milk, which I find works pretty well. All protein shakes will make you fat if you dont workout at all. For bench I would recommend a pyramid workout where you increase the weight for a few sets and then go back down.

  2. ExKaVatr said :

    The best product you can take is a chemical free whey protein. Whey is easily absorbed and aids greatly in tissue repair. Focus on your nutrition as well


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