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If i go to the gym, will i gain weight due to muscles or lose weight due to fat loss?

and if losing weight is ur answer… how much will i lose if i go everyday for 30 mins in a week?

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6 Responses to “If i go to the gym, will i gain weight due to muscles or lose weight due to fat loss?”

  1. hurrill said :

    thats depend on you…what u want lose weight or gain weight?
    your answer will make you do different xercise…if u r fat(DNT MIND) U WILL LOSE WEIGHT and gain muscle…but that will cost a lot of time…if u r skinny(dnt mind again) u will gain weight…bou u have to eat a lot…to burn those calories onto muscle fat…i think per week it gonna b 1lb….but again it all depends what excersise u do….swimming is the best, jogging, body building etc

  2. Barry Reilly said :

    Well, it depends on what sort of training you do. Ideally, for fat loss you want to be lifting weights at some stage for 8- 10 reps of what you find a heavy weight. This will get you toned and lose the fat. You want to only train 3- 4 days a week and go for quality, not quantity. Be sure your diet is good with natural foods and no processed rubbish. All the best

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