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How do i lose thigh fat fast???

I have cheer leading tryouts soon and i am self conscious about my thighs. the tryouts are in 15 days and i need help on how to lose the fat. any answers will help!!! THANKS!!!
and i’m 13 so please no pills. Thanks!

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2 Responses to “How do i lose thigh fat fast???”

  1. Ashley said :

    a good lower cal diet and lots of cardio, same way you lose any type of fat. You cant focus fat loss to any particular area, the way to lose fat is the same no matter where your problem areas are. Lots or cardio is great, but diet is key. Cut out any junk food and sugary drinks. But you can only lose so much fat in only 15 days, maybe 3-5lbs if youre lucky.

  2. hot&cutecombo said :

    Turns out you do exercises that surround that muscle… what happens is people believe by working out the area you wished to tone up will shape that muscle.. it does direct impact yet stays flabby right? Try working your hams, glutes and outer quads .. but the opposing muscle should do the trick.. for example if you want to tone your abs you work on your lower back.unfortunately it takes time..

    Your best bet is to do some running while weight training/cardio on the opposing muscles and direct muscles that you wish to tone. Diet will help too cut back on sugars.


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