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How can i lose thigh fat fast?

Okay welp i am 12 years old, and school is starting in 4 weeks. i really need to lose my thigh fat. i currently weigh 128, but most of that is just in my thighs! so please helpp(: if you need to ask any other questionss or anythingg. send me and email, or AIM me xbrokenxdreamx56 (: anytimee.

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5 Responses to “How can i lose thigh fat fast?”

  1. Charlene C said :

    Well , you can run up and down stairs for an 30 minutes a day for excercise. but of course have breaks. or another option is jogging (:
    Because that’s sort of what i do in school , i run up and down stairs carrying a heavy bag ! it’s tiring but it’s worth it (:
    and my thighs aren’t very fat . so, you can try that. 😀
    hope this helps.

  2. Bucknut said :

    take a straw insert into thigh, and suck. And boom tough actin tinactin its gone!

  3. mashreqlady said :

    thanks for posting this too looking for thighs reduction..and have reduce treadmill, cycling, stepper…

  4. Freya said :

    I am having the same problem and i am 12 too! Try harder in PE is what i think
    my parents will think i am weird if i run up and down stairs. I will start trampolining in my garden again too xx

  5. die gr枚脽ten Sicherheitsl枚cher Sirene said :

    I’d have to talk with you in it article. That may be not one thing I usually do! I quite like reading a publish which will make people think. Also, thanks just for allowing me to provide feedback!


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