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What is the fastest way to build my muscles and lose fat. including my calf’s?

i want to play basketball at my high school im a fat dude and im 14 i really want to play and im willing to do any thing to lose weight and gain muscle! as long as its free!and i want to dunk

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2 Responses to “What is the fastest way to build my muscles and lose fat. including my calf’s?”

  1. Nicholas Burden said :

    just remember this

    Weight loss is like a river filled with Purana’s in order to get to the other side you have to swim through that river with the Purana’s taking small chunks of flesh as you swim across

    its hard work

    but its worth it

    keep on exercising with whatever equipment you have

    if you have none do some laps

    eat healthy with home made meals (Sugar free versions of Sugar products suck like diet coke eewwwwww)

    i hope it helps

  2. Phil said :

    It’s simple man. Exercise and a Good Diet. Period. You say you are a “fat dude” that usually means you either A: don’t get enough activity or B: have a genetically slow metabolism. In either case, eating healthy and working out is your ticket. It is much easier to build muscle by burning fat than it is for a skinny dude to Build muscle w/o burning fat. Back in High School I did power lifting and your class of competition was based off of your weight. I went on a High Protein No Carbohydrate diet a month at a time every other month to bulk up. It is not healthy to cut out carbohydrates entirely from your diet so on the “off” months I added them back lightly. As far as your calves go, start running bleachers. Don’t ever let anybody tell you that you can’t do something because you are too big dude. I’m 23, 5’11”, 265 lbs and I can run and ball with the best of them. Just push yourself and you’ll get where you want to be


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