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what is the fastest way to build muscle and lose fat?

i am willing to use hours of my day to get rid of fat as much as possible. how can i lose 15 pounds like FAST ? is it possible to do that in 2-3 weeks if i work really hard? because i need to lose that fast so i can fit into my dress for a special occasian comin up

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4 Responses to “what is the fastest way to build muscle and lose fat?”

  1. wendy_da_goodlil_witch said :

    you probably can’t lose that much weight that fast and stay healthy. be careful what you eat and how much, drink plenty of water, and work out with weights. see how much you can lose.

  2. Mr Anfield Aces said :

    Lots of cardio exercise, eat high protien foods and have a blanaced diet (calcium for strone bones is a must), and AVOID ALCOHOL as it kills testostrone and increases estrog….them girly hormones, which make men grow t1ts.

    man b00bs and huge neck, leg and biceps makes u look g4y.

    trust me, a mate of mine has started to wear a bra at the gym, even though hes impressively buff – hes just unable to ‘work those t1ts’ off !

    all the best


    ~ ” the peoples choice ” ~

  3. malgorzata said :

    Cut out ALL white foods and soda and sugar. Eat fruits, veggies, foods high in fiber. Drink lots of water and plain green tea. Exercise EVERYDAY – do yoga, swim, bike.

  4. Chris Y said :

    LOTS of protien, and veggies and fruits, eat about 5 meals a day every 3 hours, eat not till your full but till your no longer hungry,


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