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What is the fastest way to lose fat around your belly?

I want to lose weigh around my stomach for spring break how do i lose some of the extra fat?

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3 Responses to “What is the fastest way to lose fat around your belly?”

  1. Takfam said :

    Body fat comes off your body in an order predetermined by your genetics. You cannot control from where it comes off your body, nor in what order it comes off. To burn fat, operate at a mild caloric deficit (1800 for most people), hit the weights and do 30 minutes of cardio daily.

  2. Lucy W said :

    You should find some exercise that you enjoy doing. Try not to snack when you aren’t hungry. Or if you do snack ty eating some fruit. I use Acai berry to help with my weight.
    They help with lots of different things. They detoxify your body – The most important thing the acai berry does to help you lose weight is getting rid of the toxins in your body. Our bodies encounter a variety of harmful toxins that are stored inside and prevent us from being our healthiest. The acai berry is jam packed with antioxidants that keep your body healthy, clean, and free of extra pounds.
    They also boost your energy. The acai berries give our busy bodies a much needed kick of energy to help burn more calories and even just get through the day. They Improve your digestion – The acai berry does a superb job of regulating your digestive system. When your body has the ability to break down food more efficiently, it will store less fat and help you keep off those excess pounds once and for all.
    They are also totally natural. There is a free trial of Acai on have a look. Good luck with your weight loss

  3. B S said :

    Checkout this program, trust me it worked for me and my friends, and dont take my words as an advertisement. their address is

    I hope this will help you.



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