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Spring break, I need to lose stomach fat fast!?

Ok I have a belly (Just got one =[). But ever since i broke my arm (I had to stay off the sports and exercising) I gained six lb’s (from a two month period, and got my belly) Now i need to lose it and become 104 lb’s again! Help?!
I dont thnk this helps, but i am 5″1′

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4 Responses to “Spring break, I need to lose stomach fat fast!?”

  1. Live 4 life Cena. said :

    I think you should.

  2. OneNightEclipse said :

    eat lots of healthy, high fiber foods like celery from now on and try to stay away from protein
    do lots of situps, pushups, crunches, yoga, and try to constantly flex ur stomach muscles [if u become very sore after a while ur doin it rite]
    do this all the time! this means maybe 100 after every meal, while watching tv, wen u wake up in the morning, before u go to bed, etc..
    and try to burn the calories u’ve eaten that day or more

  3. Katie M said :

    k i know this sounds odd but i know someone in the military who told me this..

    CRACKERS, small bowl of cereal no lunch but carry a water bottle..
    sounds drastic?!

    try green tea an grapefruit
    grapefruit is awesome for raising matabolism,,
    and well greentea FIXES EVERYTHING 😛

    try VEGGIES 🙂 and fruit aweesome for everything
    situps are AMAZINNNGG but if you have a bruised tailbone like me do scissors like on your back and rais one leg and drop it one after another.
    RUN, even in the morning.. it makes you feel better about yourslef 🙂
    I wish i could help more.

  4. The Wild Man said :

    Try the Little Jack workout


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