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Any tips on how to lose fat around the stomach area and replace it with muscle?

Im not looking for a lose fat fast kinda deal, im looking to strengthen my core and lose the fat around it, im playing football at a d1 or d1aa level after graduation next year so a hard work out wont be a problem. Ive always held a little extra weight around my stomach and in order to get to the sub 4.5 area i need to lose it

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4 Responses to “Any tips on how to lose fat around the stomach area and replace it with muscle?”

  1. 4sure86 said :

    A lot of cardio (running, or the stairmaster is also a miracle worker!) and then a couple days a week of strength training. But it’s always better to warm up with cardio, than do weight training/strength training, then go do the majority of your cardio afterwards. Doing it afterwards is like making the fat melt away. And it’s better for your muscles to not do cardio before weights. Good luck!

  2. Luis111 said :

    Get your ass away from teh computer and start exercising more

  3. Rodney K said :

    Cardio, ab workouts, and diet. HIIT or High Intensity Interval Training is great for cardio you don’t have to go to a gym to do it and it’s simple. Ab workouts are everywhere and I swear there’s a new 1 invented every day, also no gym required. Diet is also very important. Veggies, veggies, veggies and also lean meat. I am from PA and I do a lot of hunting. Deer venison is actually healthier for you than chicken. Fish, chicken, and any light white meat in general is pretty good as opposed to beef. Boxing is another great way to drop weight if you’re into sports.
    For HIIT check out the 1st 2 websites. I suggest starting out with the longer 60 second interval (the 1st source) every other day for a while to ease into it. After you get comfortable kick up the intensity and add the Tabata (2nd source) to the mix. Do, for example, 60 second long interval on Monday and then Tabata interval on Tuesday. Ab workouts are all over the places and each 1 works differently for each person, find what you like. The 3rd source is a calorie guide. If I’m unsure of a food I always consult this first. I’d also suggest doing other exercises like push-ups pull-ups and whatever else you can do. The more you do the faster you will get to where you want to be. Main thing to take away is diet. Watch proportions and more importantly what you eat. Don’t starve yourself and don’t be afraid to indulge when you have a craving every once in a while. If you get one thing out of this it’s that healthy foods promote healthy appearance. Lastly find a workout that suits your lifestyle and make sure that it is FUN.

  4. Stobbo Strikes Again said :

    Sorry – even though I laughed out loud when I first saw it, I have to agree with Luis. Too much sitting and not enough moving!


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