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What is a healthy way to lose unwanted belly fat fast?

I’m getting ready for prom and want to cut a few inches off of my stomach. Any tips on how to lose some fat in a healthy way? I need to by May 15. I don’t usually exercise so beginner stuff would be awesome. Thanks!

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4 Responses to “What is a healthy way to lose unwanted belly fat fast?”

  1. hateslovee said :

    eating fruit for breakfast, that makes you belly lose the fat fast

  2. Audrina said :

    It’s crucial to eat well to stay in good health. Acai berry is an awesome super food which keeps you in good health and also has the bonus of assisting you to lose lots of weight. There is a free trial happening right now at , try it, how worse could it make things?

  3. Alex said :

    healthy and fast dont belong together, unfortunatly…

    losing belly fat is 80% diet, 20% excercise!

    good way to go is to eat 6-8 snacks a day of something healthy like apples, carrots, grapes, sandwhiches. 6-8 because it keeps the motabolism going all day and of course anything healthy is good. you also want to run, maybe a mile every 3 days?? that should work i think

    don’t starve yourself whatever you do, eating helps you lose weight alot quicker than not eating

  4. Vanessa! (Back up) said :

    The person above me is right. Have 3 meals a day, wth 2 snacks, it speeds up the metobolism. Eat healthy food, like fruit, veggies, dairy, whole wheat products. stay away from anything white!! Running is the best way to burn fat i think, so go for a run w.e you can! But the main focus is on what you eat. Eat smaller portions too.


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