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How to gain muscle without losing weight?

I’m thin for my age. I would like to gain arm muscles and leg muscles and stomach muscles. Not like brolic looking but just a little more fuller. I look healthy but I’m trying to gain weight. I just need ideas on what to do to gain muscle without losing weight? Any tips on gaining weight too? I also have a peanut allergy. Thank you so much!

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One Response to “How to gain muscle without losing weight?”

  1. April A said :

    I would make sure you are eating high protein, with healthy fats (avacado etc) and lots of complex carbs (brown rice, sweet potatoes etc.) and when you workout do less reps with more weight..if you are doing a ton of cardio you will prob drop weight so just limit cardio to like 15 min sessions and focus on weight training exercises…bike, free weights, abs, etc Hope this helps…


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