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How can I get fit without getting leg muscles?

I’m working out quite a lot recently, but the thing is, although I’m losing weight, my leg muscles are becoming alot bigger.
I just want to lose weight from my stomach and hip area, and tone the rest of my body, not gain loads of muscles on my legs, cuz it’s not really attractive on a girl.
What exercise should I do for this?

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2 Responses to “How can I get fit without getting leg muscles?”

  1. Erica H said :

    it sounds like your doing weight training… do just cardio. about three hours of cardio four days a week should do the trick. just watch tv while you do it and the time goes by faster. but make sure your heart rate is up where its supposed to be (you can look up your target heart rate online.)

  2. Cedoce said :

    How big is “a lot bigger”. Unless you start looking like a female bodybuilder, it’s not really a problem. Otherwise, I would suggest taking some dance classes – you gain a skill, and get an aerobic workout as well as some strengthbuilding.


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