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How do you gain muscle without losing speed?

Next year I’ll be a senior for my varsity football team. I’m a starting receiver but I ONLY weigh 140lbs. I’m trying to get at least 150 but I don’t want to lose speed in the process. does anyone know any upper and lower body work outs I could do to gain muscle mass but not lose speed?

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3 Responses to “How do you gain muscle without losing speed?”

  1. Ryan J said:

    you weight lift and especially do squats, you will gain speed my friend, a lot

    look at sprinters’ upper bodies, they have tons of muscle mass, the tricep and bicep pumping action generates speed as well

    look up sprinters’ weight training regimens, supplement with plyometrics and cardio and your added muscle mass will give you speed and power

    your fallacy was assuming that more muscle mass = less speed, quite the opposite

  2. homestars421 said:

    Build upper body mass first. Hit the gym. You will still run faster, and you can chuck the CB trying to hit you in the 5 yard area. And don’t do it with any Steroids.

  3. TEDDY said:

    gain muscle with speed./.


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