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How can I gain muscle without my parents help?

Im 15 and I want to enlist in the marines. I NEED to gain muscle. Problem is that my parents don’t want to set up an a apointment with a doctor and just don’t seem like they care. My school has a weight room but I don’t know the techniche to weight lifting and they probibly won’t take me.

What can I do?

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13 Responses to “How can I gain muscle without my parents help?”

  1. Zen said :

    100 pushups and 100 crunches twice a day.

  2. Axy said :

    They have from products to tips for working out.

  3. Nashvegas said :

    Using the proper weight lifting techniques is not only essential for reaping the most benefits from your workouts, but will also minimize your chances of sustaining a serious, potentially debilitating injury.

  4. coolio said :

    I say start with pushups and sit-ups. Then eventually get something called the iron gym pull up bar. You can do pull ups, sit ups, pushups, dips, etc. Its great!

  5. C said :

    Pushups will help you gain arm muscles, squats and lunges can work for your legs.

  6. Pacman said :


  7. Clueless said :

    Try asking your gym teacher to teach you how to weight lift or increase muscle mass. Using the weight machines is fine enough. Also, eat alot of proteins (meat, beans, protein powder) to enlarge muscles.

  8. Nicole R said :

    The internet has ALOT of good websites on how to gain muscle and stuff. Try to find a good one and make a routine for yourself. If you don’t have any weights or equipment then ask your parents if you can invest on simple inexpensive weights for yourself. Or just use every day items to replace actual weights? Just be careful.
    Don’t try to gain too much muscle too quickly! Remember, your 15.

  9. Sublim8 said :

    if you want to become a marine, you’re gonna have to learn to be more self-reliant. ask a gym teacher how to gain muscle, or ask someone else in the gym if you can work out with them.

    do push ups
    why do you need a doctor? just start working out.

    the basic thing to do is to work out one section of your body per day, and rotate them. Pretty much focus on abs, legs, arms/back, rotating. You can ask someone how to work these out but its pretty obvious which workouts work which muscle groups.
    Just remember: less reps and more weight=strength training (so you can lift more, be more powerful)
    more reps and less weight=toning (so you’ll look better and get the ladies… and look more like a marine)

    you need a mix of both though.

    oh, and don’t forget to keep increasing the weight you lift, and lift every day (at least 5 per week)

  10. LanguageLearner said :

    Just exercise all the ways you already know how. Swimming is great, if you’re near a pool. Do it excessively. Remember to stretch before AND AFTER you work out.

    More importantly, don’t just focus on specific muscle group, but rather on your overall performance. They aren’t looking for buff people, but fit people, with a more balanced capacity.

    Run a lot, swim if you can, do push-ups, and as many things you can think out that DON’T require equipment in addition to anything you can do in a gym.

  11. Ishu R said :

    just try to pull some weight everday but not more than 2 hours

  12. Jim said :

    Well first you don’t need to gain muscle to join the marines. Second I don’t know why you need a doctor to see in order to work out. However you have 2 to 3 more years before enlisting so that’s plenty of time to learn a few bench press techniques, curls, tricep extensions, shoulder presses and some squating / leg pressing. Go to your school gym and ask to use the equipment or buy (2) 50lbs of interchangeable dumbells. Then go to the library and take out a book on weight lifting exercises. There are plenty of exercises you can do with 2 dumbells. In the marines the most important thing is your cardio. That means running. And you will do a lot of it. Extra muscle mass will not help you in the marines. If you can do 10 pull ups and 30-50 pushups you will do just fine. Eat a good quality diet and make sure your not to overweight. Good luck Kid!

  13. Ngen B said :

    Man you can do this!!!!! Go to and start doing the workouts of the day. They will help you with getting the strength and stamina to get into the Marines. Also, make sure you are consuming ample amounts of good foods as well as a high quality chemical free whey product. You can do this!!!!!


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