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How do i gain muscle without gaining fat?

I am a pretty tall guy, 6’5, and before I weighed 237 pounds, I lost 70 pounds and now I weigh 167 pounds. I want to get muscular WITHOUT gaining fat, all these muscle building guides are for skinny people, but I was never skinny, and I don’t want to look fat again, so is it possible for me to gain muscle without looking like a blob again, because unlike what some people think, being overweight doesn’t give muscle mass, as in my case it was pure fat.

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3 Responses to “How do i gain muscle without gaining fat?”

  1. albumpark said :

    Lift weights…

  2. rookie35m said :

    Your body has no choice but to add some muscle when it adds fat. if it didn’t, you would collapse under the weight. Thats why you hear that overweight people carry more muscle mass.

    Your best bet is to just start lifting and control your diet. You already lost a substantial amount of weight so I am assuming you know what not to eat. Before you begin get your bodyfat tested. Its going to be the only accurate guage that will guide your caloric intake. Do not be afraid to put on a tiny amount of fat. At 6’5 I’d like to see you get to 215 lbs before you start on a more intense fat burning cycle. Spend the winter eating enough and training heavy. Train 3-4 times per week with weights and after 30-45 minutes of lifting perform another 20-30 minutes of HIIT cardio. By spring you will be in awesome shape.

  3. MR.MUSCLE said :

    yes you can gain a huge amount of muscle mass without gaining so much fat but all of this hardwork will have to come from your kitchen.yeah thats right your kitchen. training is only a small part. the rest and most important thing in training is the kitchen. if you wanna get muscular without getting fat you have to have a clean diet with no foods high on fat. you have to eat alot of protein as well as carbs and good fats. you have to be able to balance them to get where you want to get. you can find all there nutrition articles on youll have to read a couple of articles to really understand nutrition. as for training you can find articles there as well. goodluck


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