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How do I gain muscle without gaining belly fat?

I’m a 24 year old guy, and I’ve been working out about 2-3 days a week for almost a year now. I’ve been taking protein shakes daily, and although I’m gaining weight and muscle mass, a very large amount is in my belly. So I have slightly larger chest/arms (I used to be really skinny) but my fat stomach makes it all not worth it. I try to eat as healthy as possible (as healthy as a college student can afford) but it’s not working. What’s going on?

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5 Responses to “How do I gain muscle without gaining belly fat?”

  1. adek said :

    1 – Know what kind of Sport You Love

    Active in sport is a best method to convert the calories you have as a teenager into serious weight loss. Active in sport Not only will help you to lose your weight, but also will help you to build your muscles and increase your body cinditions. Active in sport also increase your metabolism that enable to increase speed of loss weight..

    Tip #2 – Don’t forget about Nutrition

    The food that you eat also infulence you weight loss program and aslo impacts your health. If you are decide to loss weight so try to create small modifications to what you eat. For example, Stop eating fried snacks, then try eating backed versions of snacks. enhance your diet program with fruits and vegetable. Because fruits and vegetable will provide you with the nutrients that your required by your body to function effectively.

    Tip #4 – Keep Exercise Everyday

    You can arrange a time slot each day to exercising. , you can jogging in every morning time before you go to school, or you can exercise at the gym daily after work

  2. Mike said :

    Do you do cardio in your workouts too?

    Just do some intense cardio like long-distance running or swimming and that fat should burn right off.

    Also, to make this more effective try doing cardio and strength exerxises everyday.
    Do an hour of treadmill for warm-up, then do whatever else you want (push ups, etc)

    An do some crunches too, that should tone your abs a bit more

  3. Aaron said :
  4. baseball_is_my_life said :

    First of all, the quality of food you are consuming is very important. I understand that there are financial restrictions, but there is no way around eating well if you’re hoping to bulk up. Your diet must be filled to the brim with whole grains, fruits, and, in lesser quantities, lean meats (think chicken, turkey, fish, etc.). Many foods that are high in calories are deceptive because they are not very useful. Most libraries have excellent nutrition books available, and the one I always recommend is Sports Nutrition Guidebook by Nancy Clark. It’s an easy read (more practical info than specific scientific info) and very useful if you’re active.

    Eating becomes a lot less enjoyable when you’re trying to cram food down your throat so you have energy for your lifts, but it’s necessary to add muscle. Your body can only do so much with the available energy that it has. If you want your muscles to do more, then you have to eat. That being said, is it possible that you are eating too much? Many people put on excess fat while trying to build muscle because they stop doing cardiovascular exercises and or they severely overestimate the kcals they need in a day. Take a good, long look at your daily intake and see if there’s anything that can be trimmed.

  5. Liu Yi said :

    From your words, I think you need more cardio exercise to burn the whole body fat. You said you gain weight and muscle mass, but if you can not lose the stomach fat, the muscle still can not be exposed. In regard with the healthy food, I recommend you get a free report from below site about how to eat healthy to speed up metabolism in order to lose body fat.


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