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How do you gain muscle without gaining bodyfat?

Im at 13% and i want to keep it below that but also gain a good amount of muscle. If it were winter time, i wouldnt worry about it so much but spring break is coming in about 6 weeks and i have to keep the bodyfat percentages at or below 10%. How do i bulk up muscle wise but keep the bodyfat down?Thanks
ps only serious answers from knowledgable ppl

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3 Responses to “How do you gain muscle without gaining bodyfat?”

  1. Gecko Juice said :

    any exercise builds muscle. fat goes away by exercise.

  2. blaise_collins said :

    Keep lifting, keep doing cardio, and eat right. Any professional articles will tell you the same thing. Try eating numerous small snacks during the day between meals to keep your metabolism up, lift more to increase your lean muscle mass (which increases metabolism) and run after lifting to take advantage of the post lifting metabolism increase. Other than that, just stick to it and constantly push to improve.

    Tip: Keep a journal of your workouts to mark your improvements.

  3. kody1990 said :

    well its hard to get some serious size without gaining a little fat. you have to eat big to be big. look around and calculate your macro totals. eat 6-7 meals a day to get all that you need. just keep a clean diet(while still getting you MACROs) and most of the weight should b muscle. you can also do cardio 3 times a week to burn off some of the fat. lift weights hard and eat big. thats the way to do it. around spring break go into cutting phase. eat 500 less calories a little less protein and carbs. up the cardio. you should b good


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