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How can I gain muscle without losing weight?

I want to gain muscle around my thighs and arms wihout losing any fat.
Im a female, 15 yrs, 74lbs, and about 4’10

I know, im EXTREMELY short for my age. I want to gain more weight. I know that muscle weighs more then fat. I also have a fast metabolism which is why im trying to gain muscle not more fat.

Im starting to excercise each day for 30mins.

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4 Responses to “How can I gain muscle without losing weight?”

  1. tennislover said :

    u need to lift weights…. heavy weights..

    u need to eat more to ensure u do not lose weight, alot of protein, alot of good carbs..

    take a protein shake as well

  2. hi hello how are you said :

    Well, you are in luck, because gaining muscle and burning fat at the same time is not possible. If you are trying to gain weight (muscle) you have to increase your daily calorie intake, in a proper ratio of protein-carbs-fat. The most effective way to gain muscle is through weight training. To shock your muscles into growth you have to beat them up in the gym. This does not necessarily mean you will get huge, it just means you will get stronger with proper diet and rest. If you are not looking to make each and every muscle defined but want a good general workout for your arms and legs, do compound exercises (exercises that work multiple muscle groups) such as the squat and the clean and press or the military (shoulder) press. You may have to research these a little because I’m not very good at explaining how to do them. Do these compound exercises for 3-4 sets once or twice per week. Use enough weight so that the last set is a serious effort.

  3. jutes said :

    Check out this article at “7 Rules to Designing a Workout For Building Muscle”

    here’s a snippet:

    “When I first started in the iron game and was looking for a workout for building muscle, I was attracted to the workouts of the ‘superstars’ that were (and still are) featured in the bodybuilding magazines. It took me two whole years to figure out that those workouts are worthless to natural trainers, and several more years to realize that those workouts were dreamed up by some ghostwriter whose job only was to write a good story.

    Fortunately, I eventually figured out what works. You don’t have to make the same mistakes I did.

    Here are 7 key elements of a muscle building workout that I have learned over 20+ years…”

  4. Nater said :

    Hey, ya i know how you feel, at 15 i was about 80lbs. and 4’10. Only thing i ever did for a work out was play sports which never really built muscle that was noticeable. Also having an extrememly fast metabolism sucks for trying to put on weight. I tried this 7minutemuscle program which worked great. I could notice that my stomach was becoming more defined and my arms were bulking up. Plus the best part about it is that it is a very short workout so you dont have to miss out on any fun with your friends!


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