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How to gain muscle on a vegetarian diet?

I’m at quite a low weight currently and after two years of being vegetarian i’ve noticed a significant drop in my muscle mass.

I’m quite small, but what there is of me is only fat.

What could i add to my diet to help me gain muscle easier?

Or, what exercises would be best?

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One Response to “How to gain muscle on a vegetarian diet?”

  1. Allison Dunstan said :

    Building muscle with vegetable protein is often overlooked. Many people wrongly assume that all vegetables consist only of carbohydrates. This is not the case and there are many vegetables that are high in protein.

    The majority of plant foods contain protein and peas, beans, lentils and soya are the more popular examples. Because the popularity of vegetable protein has increased there is now a range of pea protein supplements in powdered form. These supplements are ideal for use with soups, cereals or smoothies or adding to other meals.

    Training – If you want bigger than normal muscles you must provide stimulus to them in the forum of regular workouts. This is best performed by a systematic scientific training regimen.


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