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What’s a good diet to lose fat and gain muscle?

I’ve lost lots of fat over the past three months and gained muscle. I’ve sometimes been dieting and sometimes not. For the past three weeks I’ve been staying away from carbs, even on some days I do not any carbs whatsoever. I excercise more than 2 hours everyday with a one day break every week. What would you guys recommed eating to lose all my body fat?
Should I stay away from carbs to lose all my fat? Will eating carbs make me lose fat slower?

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2 Responses to “What’s a good diet to lose fat and gain muscle?”

  1. ~ciaobella~ said :

    Haha. This is funny because i had the exact different problem, but i can tell you this. After working out make sure you eat lots of protein. This helps ” repair ” the muscle after its torn ( from working out) and acts like a cement to fill in the gaps. Weight lifting helps burn fat very well and I hope that everything will work out fine!

  2. Brian F said :

    Try to replace carbs with whole grains.Eat low fat dairy, lean meats or fish, fruits and vegetables. Also eat foods high in fiber these are filling without using too many calories.


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