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Can I lose fat but, gain or maintain muscle on an Adkins type diet?

Im wanting to lose fat but maintain or maybe gain a little muscle on my weight training program. If im taking in alot of protein on an adkins type diet, can I lose the fat but, maintain my muscle?

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2 Responses to “Can I lose fat but, gain or maintain muscle on an Adkins type diet?”

  1. Tito Azzurro said :

    Cut fatty foods and load up on protein. Yeah that’s how you do it but in order to have visible muscles you need to do weight lifting. But yeah proteins are basically what builds muscles.

  2. The Professor said :

    Absolutely. That is exactly why you eat protein on the diet. Basically when you are at zero or very low carbs rhe body begins converting fat into glucose to run itself. If you do not eat protein the body will begin breaking down protein into carbs as well to an extent. You can eat as much protein and fat as you want. And you do need the fat on this diet. You want to be in gluconeogenisus vis lipolysis verses protein breakdown. You will most likely find that when you train on low carbs you will be sluggish early in the session but after a while your energy will spark up as the fat is converted into glucose as you will be working with little glycogen reserves.


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